Legacy Award

International Martial Arts Medal of Merit

The Legacy Medal

features a purple ribbon and is awarded to those who have dramatically impacted the world around them, left knowledge for future generations, and continued the tradition of bettering humanity through the wisdom and power of the martial arts spirit. These warriors are honored with the highest of awards for we all recognize and benefit from their everlasting contributions.

2021 Legacy Medal Recipients

Grandmaster John Michael Rangel – Newton, KS – Grandmaster Rangel began training in Judo in 1960. He wrestled on his high school varsity team for 4 years and earned his black belt in Judo. He trained in Taekwondo from 1975-1995. He holds the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and also holds the rank of Grandmaster in Philipino martial arts. He has trained with many of the greatest Philipino martial artists alive, such as his best friend Grandmaster Ernesto Presas, Terry Gibson, Paul Vanuk and also trained Wu Dynasty Tai Chi with Grace Wu. Thank you Grandmaster Rangel for your contributions!


Chief Master Steve Westbrook – Clear Springs, FL – Began training in 1971 at the age of 10. Has been an instrumental figure in the American Taekwondo Association. He has trained and developed 14 masters who are still currently active in teaching Taekwondo. He also helped develop many programs such as safety equipment and combat weapons sports for not only the ATA but others organizations as well. He has been featured as School of the Year and Hall of Fame recipients for the ATA and also School of the Year by Taekwondo Times magazine. He is a co-founder of the newly formed Global Traditional Taekwondo Association with already over 100 active schools. His training and wisdom will continue to be a legacy for many more students and instructors for years to come.

Grandmaster Larry Fields – Abilene, TX – Grandmaster Fields is most well-known for his amazing ability to destroy bricks, boards and Ice! He has won many world championship titles and continues to help others learn how they can overcome not only fears of breaking but how to associate the power from within to help one live a life of confidence in all areas of their life. Grandmaster Fields owns and operates his own martial arts academy in Abilene, TX. Grandmaster Fields has been featured on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, Discovery Channel, The Jay Leno Show, The Tom Green Show, The El Grand Show
and Pay Per View. Thank you, Grandmaster Larry Fields.

Grandmaster Evilazio Freitoza – Sao Paulo, Brazil – At 58 years of age, Grandmaster Frietoza is considered the precursor of martial arts in Brazil. He is a world referee and holds the 15th Khan (Grandmaster) of Muay Thai. He was five times Brazilian kickboxing champion (1983 to 1987).

Born in Sobral, 230 km from Fortaleza, Grandmaster started training Karate Shotokan at the age of 7 and at the age of 14 he moved to the city of São Paulo, where he started his practice of Kung-Do-Te, Full Contact fighting with the famous Portuguese master Adriano Silva, and also perfected his techniques with the world boxing champion, Miguel de Oliveira and Jiu Jitsu with the renowned black belt, Marcelo Behring. When Evilázio returned to the city of Fortaleza after years of battles in São Paulo, he effectively began to build his legacy, working in large academies, clubs and colleges – until in 1998 the Fighter Sport Academy opened in Fortaleza. This being a reference gym in the fitness and fights segment – revealing for 17 years of great athletes and teachers who today continue their work worldwide.

In parallel at that time, Feitoza also acted as promoter of major events such as:

      • Ceará Kick Boxing Championship
      • North-Northeast Kick Boxing Championship
      • BadBoy Rider Fight
      • Cearense Vale Tudo Circuit and Thai Boxing
      • Super Badboy Fights
      • Champions Night (17 Editions)
      • Hunter Cup
      • Muay Thai Cearense Championship
      • Jungle Fight Qualifying
      • New Talent Fight

In addition to these events in Ceará, the Grandmaster promoted several events in São Paulo, such as:

      • Brazilian Kick Boxing Championships
      • Interstate Kick Boxing Championship
      • Intercontinental Kick Boxing Championship
      • South American Kick Boxing Championship
      • Open Brazil Kick Boxing

Grandmaster Feitoza now lives in Houston, Texas and is promoting his system of Muay Thai throughout North America. He also acts as a consultant, speaker, trainer and promoter of Muay Thai in North and South America and throughout Europe.

Grandmaster Feitoza is considered one of the most important names in Brazil and in the world when it comes to Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA, and is also one of the biggest names in the ISKA (International Sport Kickboxing Association).

As a competitor Evilázio maintain an enviable track record: five-time Brazilian champion (1983-1987) with a record of 37 fights, with 35 victories. In 1987 Evilazio returned to Ceara where he implement full contact fights in the state (Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, MMA).

Grandmaster Feitoza’s kickboxing skills are legendary and his teachings will live on forever! Thank you Grandmaster for your many years of contributions.

Past Legacy Medal Recipients

2020 Legacy Medal Recipients

Grandmaster Clinton Robinson – Sacramento, CA
Chief Master Sergio Von Schmeling – Winter Park, FL
Grandmaster Jong Won Lee – Sacramento, CA
Grandmaster Pierpaolo Lecca – Sardinia, Italy
Grandmaster Gerard Robbins – Founder and President of the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Grandmaster David Brown – Hi. Central Scotland
Grandmaster Bill Clark – Jacksonville, FL

Professor Marty Cale – Fayetteville, AR
Grandmaster Jack Corrie – Folsom, CA
Grandmaster Jaime Moore – Queensland, Australia
Grandmaster Terry Brumley – Memphis, TN
Grandmaster Don Dalton – Cork, Ireland
Grandmaster Norman Creedon – Cork, Ireland
Sifi Ray Hildreth – Tulsa, OK
Grandmaster Cesar Ozuna – Miami, FL
Grandmaster Dean Bridges – Fayetteville, AR

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