Junior Leadership Award

International Martial Arts Medal of Merit

The Junior Leadership AWARD

recognizes outstanding youths 11- 17 years of age for their contributions and accomplishments earned from their involvement in the martial arts.

The Junior Leadership Award includes the following categories:

1. Outstanding Achievement
The youth displays outstanding achievement in martial arts and academics and has served as a positive force in their spheres of influence and in their communities.

2. Outstanding Competitor
The youth displays outstanding achievement and character in competition. The competitor has participated in and supported many tournaments over an extended period of time all the while demonstrating positive sportmanship and proper martial arts competitive spirit.

3. Youth Leadership
The youth displays outstanding leadership skills beyond their years. This person shows maturity in their actions and presents themselves as a role model to younger children.

4. Courage
The youth has shown courage by overcoming physical, mental and or spiritual obstacles in sporting, familial or social environments. This person embodies a true warrior spirit through their determination to overcome barriers and impediments regardless of size.

5. Future Leader
The youth demonstrates great potential in skills and abilities which form the foundation of a future leader in all endeavors, including the martial arts.

2022 Junior Achievement Medal Recipients

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