Achievement Award

International Martial Arts Medal of Merit

The Achievement Medal

features a white ribbon, and is given to those who have made significant achievements in the martial arts. Those that set themselves apart by doing exceptional things are honored with this medal.

2021 Achievement Medal Recipients

Kevin Mahurin – Neosho, MO
Over 20 years of Martial Arts practice and teaching. Host of the Annual Southwest Classic Nationals, one of Missouri’s fastest growing open tournaments.

Thomas and Sandra Swartwood – Oshkosh, WI
Both own and operate a successful martial arts school and have served thier community for over 20 years in helping youth and adults learn self-defense and fitness. She continuous to play a leading part in her community and is a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo. Master Thomas is an 8th Degree black belt in HapKiDo.

Toran Blanko – Franklin, TN
A Taekwondo practitioner with over 30 years of continued service, he has helped hundreds of martial arts school owners over the past 20 years be successful though his consulting efforts. Still actively teaches and trains in Taekwondo today.

Adam and Lucie Spicer – South Lake, TX.
Both are 6th degree black belts and have over 400 active students in their academy. Both have won numerous awards from martial arts industry associations and are instrumental in helping other martial arts schools by way of consulting and training. This power house husband and wife team are great martial artists and a positive influence on the martial arts community.

Danny Orr – West Columbia, TX
A martial artist with over 20 years’ experience, he is well known in in the South Texas region for his legendary knock out power and mixed martial arts fight career, winning many titles and accolades. He continues to promote and empower youth and adult fitness through martial arts. Danny is also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

Steven Yount – League City, TX.
With over 30 years martial arts experience, he holds a Brazilian Juijitsu black belt and cross trains in many arts. He actively teaches and trains in martial arts daily. He a member of the Texas State Guard and has served on numerous humanitarian missions across the state. He was named Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the year in 2020. His selfless sacrifices to his state and martial arts students are exemplary!

Fred Green – Hot Springs, AR.
In a city not many martial schools can survive, Mr. Green owns and operates a highly successful school. He has pushed all boundaries and has shown determination and spirit in his efforts to help build a stronger community. He is a great example of Indomitable Spirit! Nothing keeps him down!

Alan Ellan, III – Prosper, TX
Having started martial arts in the late 1980’s, he is now a 5th degree black belt and has won many championships. He actively teaches and trains daily. He shares his martial arts with family who also train in Taekwondo. His years of dedication and service to the martial arts community are rewarded.

Braxton Stokes – West Memphis, AR
Owns and operates his own school in Marion, AR. He is also a first responder and been a firefighter for many years. He is an inspirational leader to his community’s youth.

Master Hassan Aymo – Minneapolis, MN
Currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he hails from Ethiopia. He is the UTA regional Vice President in his region and is the All African Continental President for the ITF-Union. He is instrumental in helping thousands of African countries learn ITF Taekwondo-Do.

Eddie Diaz – San Marcos, TX
Martial Arts consultant and practitioner Master Diaz in one of the most well rounded martial artists in the United State. He owns and operates his own successful school on San Marcus, TX and has been in business for over 20 years. He holds degrees in many martial arts systems and continues to share his knowledge to help others learn martial arts business.

Greg Fisher – Austin, TX
Mr. Fisher has been training in martial for over 25 years and owns and operates his own school in Austin, TX. He has the most successful online Zoom program in the martial arts. He has been a huge supporter of the United Taekwondo Alliance by serving many roles such as competitor, student, coach and has held offices such as Regional Director and Regional Vice President for the UTA in the past.

James Hale – Paris, TX
Owns and operates his own martial arts academy, Mr. Hale and his family have been active in the martial arts for over 35 years. He has one of most successful martial arts schools in the state and is instrumental in developing new youth and adult programs. His indomitable spirit and enthusiasm make him a great instructor and mentor to many.

Ørjan Nilsen – Norway
Martial Arttist and Author. He not only teaches Taekwondo but he contributes to the martials arts community by writing and publishing articles and blogs to help educate martial artists around the world. He continues in educate and inspire martial artists through his training and articles.

Grandmaster Tony Morris – Ashville, NC
Grandmaster Morris holds an 8th degree black belt in Taekwon-Do, and owns and operates Sun Soo Martial Arts Academy in Asheville, NC. With an active student count of over 700 students, he is one of the largest schools in the United States. He has been inspirational in helping grow the UTA and Grand Master Suk Jung Kim’s organization, based in New Jersey.

Past Achievement Medal Recipients

2020 Spirit Award Recipients

Master Mike Swope – Wichita, KS
Master Darrin Wood – Conway, AR
Master Ray Saint – Boscobel, WI
Master James Wadley – Houston, TX
Master Evan Nixon – Clinton, IA
Master John Swift – Kidderminster, England
Master Kevin Roberts – Matoon, IL
Mrs. Emma Swift – Kidderminster, England
Mr. Justin Dunham – Jenks, OK
Master German Gambini – Buenos Aries, Argentina
Master Scott Wilkinson – Plano, TX
Master Dana Johnson – Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mr. Robert Powell – Rockwall, TX
Master Rick Balkin – Oxford, MS
Officer Lisa Ford – Tulsa, OK Police Department
Master Francis Moore – Waterloo, IA
Master Jack DeSousa – Centerville, AR
Mr. Richard David Kenge – Nairobi, Kenya
Master Thien Vo – Clarksville, AR

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