What Is the International Martial Arts Medal of Merit?

The International Martial Arts Medal of Merit program

recognizes the contributions of martial arts, police and military personnel for the greater good of modern society. The International Martial Arts Medal of Merit cannot be purchased or bought. Recipients earn the Medal of Merit through the selfless habit of sacrifice and achievement. All financial obligations of the Medal of Merit are sponsored by Medal of Merit alumni.

Junior Achievement Award

The Junior Achievement Award features red, white and blue ribbon and is awarded to youths for outstanding achievement and leadership in martial arts and have become outstanding examples of the benefits of training. These youth have developed exceptional skill and made great achievements in the martial arts and their communities.

Junior Leadership Award

The Junior Leadership Award recognizes outstanding youths 11- 17 years of age for their contributions and accomplishments earned from their involvement and training in the martial arts.

The Spirit Award

The Spirit Medal is awarded to those who have shown exceptional spirit towards their organization, school, instructor and community for the growth of martial arts. The award is given in honor of Grandmaster Dennis Brewer, who was a mentor, friend and great leader to many. Grandmaster Brewer’s spirit will live on through this award and his inspired example of an enthusiastic and true teacher of martial arts. This medal is distinguished by a blue neck ribbon.

Achievement Award

The Achievement Medal is given to those who have made significant achievements in the martial arts. Those that set themselves apart by doing exceptional things are honored with this medal. The Achievement Medal is noted by a gold neck ribbon.

Lifetime Achievement Medal

The Lifetime Achievement Medal will be awarded to those who have dedicated their life to the study of martial arts and to serving their communities, associations and their families by leaving an everlasting legacy of contributions to the industry. This medal is noted by a white neck ribbon.

Legacy Award

The Legacy Medal is awarded to those who have dramatically impacted the world around them, left knowledge for future generations and continued the tradition of bettering humanity through the wisdom and power of the martial arts spirit. These true warriors are honored with the highest of award for we all recognize and benefit from their everlasting contributions. The Legacy Medal is noted by a royal purple neck ribbon.

Legion of Merit Ambassadors Award

The Legion of Merit Ambassador Award recognizes alumni who have helped sponsor 10 or more Medal of Merit recipients which have been inducted into the International Martial Arts Medal of Merit program. Awards are sponsored by the Alumni.

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